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Let’s Discover

This term we have exploring our garden and looking for and observing mini beasts. We looked closely at mini beasts we found and found out about them. We enjoyed drawing, painting, writing about the insects we had found. We used mini beasts to support all areas of learning. Inside we made a healthy cafe and ice cream stall and a campsite where we cooked delicious barbecues. We loved our day with hoopstars and we learnt to do different things with our hoops. Our Summer term is great to be outside and as well as learning about mini beasts we have made camps and dens. We can cook magic meals using natural materials such as grass as spaghetti! We also loved exploring water in different ways making water shuts etc. At the end of term some of us are getting ready to move onto Reception with visits to our new class.



Acorn Theatre

In our theatre we have told stories and performed songs in front of an audience. Tiddlywinks has helped us in our story telling through song and dance. Our first story was the Three Little Pigs. We made homes for the pigs and retold the story in different ways. Whatever next was our next story. We went to the moon with Tiddlywinks and told stories through play and in our theatre. Our final story was going on a Bear Hunt. The Bear left us messages and surprises in our garden. We used the story to explore grass, water mud and trees in different ways.



Acorn Garden Centre

Welcome to our Garden Centre  where we can buy and sell flowers and garden equipment. Our friend Nana loves our shop and has an idea. She has given us £10 to Acorn Class and would like us to make more money. How can we do this? We decided we could grow our own flowers and then sell them to our Parents and Friends. We learnt about the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow. We dug up all the weeds in our vegetable garden. It was now time to decide what to grow, We looked in books and magazines to find nice flowers and vegetables. Everyone planted a sunflower seed and we will see who can grow the tallest! We grew pumpkins and flowers, potatoes, lettuce and other vegetables. Nana also sent us a little pot with 5 tiny caterpillars inside. We watched the caterpillars as they grew and changed into a pupa and finally they emerged into beautiful painted lady butterflies. It was important to let them go in the garden and watch as they flew away.  Finally we held a garden party where we sold our produce and made a good profit. We are buying a table with benches for our outside area and two lovely honeysuckles for our small world area. We hope these will attract more butterflies.

Acorn Digi pod -Art Gallery

We joined the rest of the school in our school project. We all became digi developers to create a web site for Olive Stein. She sent us some very precious paintings for us to look after so we created an Art Gallery to display them all in. We added our own art using different media – paint, chalk, felt tips and crayons. Then we displayed them in our gallery. Olive sent us a very rare painting and she wanted us to find out about it. After looking on the internet we know that the painting was Mona Lisa and painted by an artist called Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo travelled through a time machine to visit us!We created our own Mona Lisa’s. We explored Leonardo’s flying machines and made our own. Finally we explored another artist, Vincent Van Gogh and one of his famous paintings – Starry Night. Olive asked us to create videos for the new Portal web site. Look on the web site and see what we made


Professor Crackpot needs our help.

This term we became scientists. Professor Crackpot is very absent minded and has asked us to help him find out about different materials. Firstly we found out about natural materials and made collages using leaves, apples, pumpkins and other materials we found outside. We made a collage for Professor Crackpots laboratory. Next we had to find out about paper and card. The Professor asks dos to make a big machine out of paper and card so we made a paper making machine. Our next task was to find out the messiest material we could find and to find different words to describe them. We explored mud, gloop, spaghetti, jelly,paint and shaving foamWe all decided that  mud and shaving foam were the messiest! Fabrics were our next material to explore. Professor Crackpot did not like his white lab coat so he asked us to create a coat using different fabrics. By using different textures and colours of fabrics we made a coat that Professor Crackpot loved.

Our final weeks we celebrated Christmas. We talked about how people celebrate Christmas in different ways and put on our own Nativity Play for our Mams and Dads.

Me, my family and my Friends

A new school year and new friends to make. This term we have been learning about ourselves, our family and our friends. We have learnt that every family is different and how nice it is to have friends that you can talk to and play with. Nana is our new friend. She has just moved to Bedlington Station and does not know many people so she would like to visit us. We can tell her about ourselves and she can tell us about what she likes to do. She tells us that it is her birthday so we decide to have a birthday party for her. She loved her cards, presents games and of course birthday cake!

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