Acorn Digi pod -Art Gallery

We joined the rest of the school in our school project. We all became digi developers to create a web site for Olive Stein. She sent us some very precious paintings for us to look after so we created an Art Gallery to display them all in. We added our own art using different media – paint, chalk, felt tips and crayons. Then we displayed them in our gallery. Olive sent us a very rare painting and she wanted us to find out about it. After looking on the internet we know that the painting was Mona Lisa and painted by an artist called Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo travelled through a time machine to visit us!We created our own Mona Lisa’s. We explored Leonardo’s flying machines and made our own. Finally we explored another artist, Vincent Van Gogh and one of his famous paintings – Starry Night. Olive asked us to create videos for the new Portal web site. Look on the web site and see what we made



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