Professor Crackpot needs our help.

This term we became scientists. Professor Crackpot is very absent minded and has asked us to help him find out about different materials. Firstly we found out about natural materials and made collages using leaves, apples, pumpkins and other materials we found outside. We made a collage for Professor Crackpots laboratory. Next we had to find out about paper and card. The Professor asks dos to make a big machine out of paper and card so we made a paper making machine. Our next task was to find out the messiest material we could find and to find different words to describe them. We explored mud, gloop, spaghetti, jelly,paint and shaving foamWe all decided that  mud and shaving foam were the messiest! Fabrics were our next material to explore. Professor Crackpot did not like his white lab coat so he asked us to create a coat using different fabrics. By using different textures and colours of fabrics we made a coat that Professor Crackpot loved.

Our final weeks we celebrated Christmas. We talked about how people celebrate Christmas in different ways and put on our own Nativity Play for our Mams and Dads.


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